Netlifx’s latest foray into music programming, Soundtrack, will debut on Dec. 18 and it promises to tell a series of L.A. love stories cued to classic tracks from artists including Lauryn Hill, Bruno Mars, Dolly Parton, the Weeknd and more. “Every song is a love song,” reads the pitch for the show, whose first trailer debuted on Tuesday (Dec. 3). The cast includes Jenna Dewan (Witches of East End), Campbell Scott (House of Cards), Madeleine Stowe (Revenge), Callie Hernandez (Graves) and Paul James (The Path).

The musical drama promises to follow a collection of love stories that connect a diverse group of people in Los Angeles, with a voiceover describing the way music transforms, soundtracks and traces the arc of love stories as the various chracters lip synching to tracks including Sia’s “Elastic Heart” and break out into spontaneous choreographed musical numbers.

The series was created by Quantico‘s Josh Safran and was originally developed for Fox under the name Mixtape, with the trailer seemingly sticking to that original concept via the sound of the “play” button on a cassette player being pressed and released to accent dramatic points.

Watch the Soundtrack trailer below.

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